Airport Layout Plans/Master Plan Projects; Oregon Department of Aviation

Oregon Department of Aviation

Century West staff have completed more airport master plan and airport layout plan projects at Oregon airports through ODA’s multiple airport planning project program than any other consultant. These general aviation airports range from low activity airports in remote communities to airports accommodating a wide range of business jet traffic, aerial fire fighting, and aerial applicators. Century West, led all planning analyses conducted for these ODA-managed master planning projects, extending over a period of 17 years:

  • Mulino State Airport; Mulino, Oregon (ongoing)
  • Bandon State Airport; Bandon, Oregon (ongoing)
  • Roseburg Regional Airport; Roseburg, Oregon (2005)
  • Ashland Municipal Airport; Ashland, Oregon (2005, 1990)
  • Lebanon State Airport; Lebanon, Oregon (2005)
  • Ken Jernstedt Airfield; Hood River, Oregon (2004)
  • McMinnville Municipal Airport; McMinnville, Oregon (2004)
  • Columbia Gorge Regional Airport; Dallesport, Washington (2004)
  • Prineville Airport;  Prineville, Oregon (2002)
  • Chiloquin State Airport; Chiloquin, Oregon (2002, 1994)
  • Christmas Valley Airport; Christmas Valley, Oregon (2002)
  • McDermitt State Airport; McDermitt, Oregon (2002)
  • Boardman Airport; Boardman Oregon (2000)
  • Wasco State Airport; Wasco, Oregon (2000)
  • Condon State Airport; Condon, Oregon (2000)
  • Hermiston Municipal Airport; Hermiston, Oregon (1998)
  • Lakeview Airport; Lakeview, Oregon (1998)
  • Morrow County Airport; Lexington, Oregon (1998)
  • Madras Airport; Madras, Oregon (1996)
  • Independence State Airport; Independence, Oregon (1996)
  • Florence Municipal Airport; Florence, Oregon (1997)
  • John Day State Airport; John Day, Oregon (1994)
  • Burns Municipal Airport; Burns, Oregon (1994)
  • Seaside Municipal Airport; Seaside, Oregon (1992)
  • Myrtle Creek Municipal Airport; Myrtle Creek, Oregon (1992)
  • Illinois Valley Airport; Cave Junction, Oregon (1991, 2000 update)
  • Grants Pass Airport; Grants Pass, Oregon (1991)

Each of the ALP/master plan projects were developed based on FAA technical requirements and were reviewed and approved by the FAA’s Seattle Airport District Office (ADO). In addition to providing airport facility planning, our team assisted the local airport sponsors in the evaluation of a variety of issues including airport rates and fees, FBO operations, hangar development programs, land and economic development, and instrument approach development.