On-Call Consulting, City of Tekoa

Tekoa, Washington

Century West has been providing the City of Tekoa with on-call consulting services since 1997. Some of the services we provide the city include grant writing, sewer and water system analysis, development review for conformance to city standards, preparation of a six year transportation improvements plans, and coordination with regulatory agencies, and consultation with the Mayor, City Council, and City Maintenance Operations.

Century West has assisted the City in funding more than $6 million dollars in improvements to the city water system and transportation system in the last two years. The City’s water system was in a state of disrepair so poor that water loss in the system was more than 30% and several areas of Tekoa lacked proper fire protection. Century West helped the city apply to CDBG for a $993,000 grant and to USDA-RD for a $4 million grant and loan package to replace a significant portion of the city’s water system, rehabilitate the city’s only reservoir, replace a collapsed well with a new well, and install a telemetry system to control the city’s water supply. Century West also assisted the city in applying to TIB to fund a road reconstruction project on Henkle street to be completed at the same time as the water system improvement project. This effectively leveraged city funds and TIB funds to reconstruct a failing roadway while minimizing costs for both projects.