Reardan School Loop Conceptual Traffic Plan

Reardan, Washington

This traffic plan for the Town of Reardan involved evaluating vehicle and pedestrian traffic patterns surrounding the local K-12 school campus. The existing roadway and sidewalk were in poor condition with poorly defined pedestrian travel routes and parking areas. Century West met with Town and School District staff to identify issues and concerns that needed to be addressed as part of any improvements. Alternatives were developed for improving vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows and improving event parking for the campus. A preferred improvement plan was developed with a list of potential funding sources from federal, state, and local agencies. Long term improvement goals were identified for expanding the Town‘s sidewalk system for pedestrians. The traffic plan was used as a springboard to jump into the design of the roadway improvement that was funded by a separate TIB grant. The traffic plan was funded by a grant through QUADCO, the Town’s regional transportation planning organization (RTPO).