Airway Heights Wells #1 and #4

Airway Heights, Washington

This project for the City of Airway Heights was related to water quality improvement for the City’s water system. The City’s Wells #1 and #4 had demonstrated moderate levels of nitrate in water quality tests which were approaching the MCL limit for water quality. The City had asked Century West to investigate treatment options for the wells to reduce the nitrate levels. Century West looked into treatment options which would be extremely costly to the City. As an alternative, Century West proposed changing the way Wells #1 and #4 distributed water to the water system. A direct connection was proposed between Wells #1 and #4 and the City’s 1 million gallon reservoir nearby. The idea behind this connection was that the higher nitrate water produced by Wells #1 and #4 would be mixed with lower nitrate water produced by the other City wells in the reservoir, thereby reducing the nitrate concentration in that water delivered to the system. Century West provided design for the water line connection and assisted the City in construction management of the project. This project was funded by a grant from the Community Development Block Grant program of Spokane County.